TOOLKIT.ie in the Sunday Business Post on the Internet Of Things

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Due to his background, the Internet of Things has been an area of interest of Dr Johnny Ryan. As a former executive director of the Innovation Academy in University College Dublin and chief innovation officer at The Irish Times, Ryan has been at the forefront of helping businesses tackle and adapt to developing trends online, and recognises that IoT could …

Design discussion with IDEO.org, 3fE, and Irish Design 2015

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I spoke about design with John Collery (IDEO.org), Colin Harmon (3fE), and Laura Magahy (Irish Design 2015) in Dublin recently. Here are the highlights. As I wrote last year in The Irish Times, a happy customer is an extraordinary thing. So extraordinary that this first moment of happiness with a service can be a prelude to a long-term, perhaps even …

Business Model Canvas

Redesigning your business model

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Decision makers in business are challenged by complexity. This makes it hard to innovate and test out opportunities for future growth. Mastering simplicity is key to innovation. In 2004, Alexander Osterwalder wrote in his doctoral thesis that “all parts of a business have to be optimised and that details in a business model make the difference. Yet, few approaches and …


Design matters for business, for startups

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I originally published this piece in The Irish Times. Full story is at http://www.irishtimes.com/business/find-your-niche-and-put-focus-on-design-1.1991105  A report by Sir George Cox for the UK Treasury in 2005 started with definitions of three key ingredients that could enhance business competitiveness: creativity, innovation, and design. Creativity, Cox said, is the inception of new ideas, approaches to problems or discovery of new opportunities. Innovation is …

Prototyping at UCD Innovation Academy workshop

What start-ups need is proof, not passion

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I wrote this article for The Irish Times. Full story is at http://www.irishtimes.com/business/what-start-ups-need-is-proof-not-passion-1.1949565. After the dotcom bust, entrepreneurs came to realise the untested hunch was no longer adequate. In 1999, the start-up Webvan launched in the US with the intention of becoming the grocery service for online shoppers. It climbed to a multibillion dollar valuation at its IPO in late 1999, …

service design masterclass

Designing services for smarter business

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I wrote this article on service design for The Irish Times, published on 5 September 2014. Article is at http://www.irishtimes.com/business/designing-services-for-smarter-business-1.1916748 The Apple user or Nespresso drinker appreciates not only the physical good, but the entire experience of interacting with the business A customer’s relationship with a service is often unpleasant and short. But occasionally something unexpected happens: a customer experiences …


Sustainable growth, not disruption

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An edited version of this piece appears in The Irish Times , 1 August 2014 (online here) In defining the criteria by which the judges of The Startup Academy will adjudicate which companies would be accepted into the programme we have done something radical. Normally a competitive process like this might select only the startups that are most likely to …

Five Steps of Design Thinking from http://Toolkit.ie

Using Design Thinking (and thinking like a child) for better outcomes

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US technology investor Dave McClure coined the maxim “Your solution is not my problem.” He had sat through many a start-up pitch from before distilling this nugget. Entrepreneurs often produce products that do not solve the kind of problems customers actually have. An entrepreneur pitching for investment is keen to talk up their solution, but what counts, says McClure, is …


Lean Startup Strategy. Not just for startups.

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I spoke to Steve Blank, Alex Osterwalder, and the man who coined “Lean”, John Krafcik. But before hearing from them, read this from Twitter: “U should apply Lean Start-up Strategy in everything u do. Even ur personal & love relationship. Think about it & makes sense.” Thus tweeted an excitable San Francisco tech entrepreneur (whose Twitter profile notes that she …